M.G. Sharp Models

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M.G. Sharp Models
712 Attercliffe Road
South Yorkshire

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Shop has permanently closed

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1 star rating!
Gareth, Manchester
Friday 28th October 2011

I purchased an expensive model train from this shop. When it arrived, it had parts missing off it eg rear coupler. My e-mails were ignored. I phoned and was told to send the train back. It took two months and several phone calls until the train was returned. This time however, the drive shaft had been damaged, presumably at the shop, when fitting the missing parts. I wrote a letter to ask for my money back and posted the train back. Two weeks later, I phoned and the owner claimed not to have received it. The owner has an arrogant and unpleasant attitude and was happy to point out that 'proof of postage' was insufficient and I should have sent it recorded delivery. I find it hard to believe that the item has been lost in the post.

1 star rating!
Mike, Droitwich
Tuesday 4th October 2011

Sharp by name and sharp by practice I reckon. Useless and totally unprofessional. Fulfilled a small part of my order placing the rest on backorder. Got what I wanted from Canada in a few days and so cancelled the backorder. The backorder turned up on 4th October when they said it had been posted on 16th September (after I had cancelled it mark you). When cancelling the backorder their mailbox was full (how professional is that???). Phoned them and spoke to the surliest and most unhelpful man in the world who said they had sent some orders out - he had no idea which ones (how professional is that??>?). Total Rubbish - avoid and get your needs elsewhere - there are plenty of suppliers who are just so much better in so many ways...........

1 star rating!
Mr G, Hove
Wednesday 25th May 2011

Order placed on 15th April, money taken on 19th April. Have called 3 times and been fobbed off with "no idea when your items will arrive" despite the webpage still stating the item is in stock. Asked for a refund and was told it will be processed. Surprise, surprise refund has still not materialised. Tried to call again today and they're on holiday. No doubt spending the money I gave them for zero items!! Do not order over the web from these guys as they're incapable of delivering their promises or keeping their customers informed.

2 star rating!
R Giles, Old Bolingbroke
Wednesday 27th April 2011


Web order excepted on 1st April 2011

Money taken out my A/C 4th April

Fobbed off twice on phone.

Their spam guard up to max so `emails`

dont get through. Still waiting for my

order 27th April 2011.

Note to self. caviat emptor.

Wont use again.

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