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DATA PROTECTION ACT is a voluntary organisation whose purpose is solely to list Model and hobby shops, clubs and resources for model enthusiasts. All Information contained or provided to this website or the webmaster by whatever communication method is assumed to be given freely and is automatically considered to be in the public domain. We will only hold personal information for as long as necessary for these purposes and will not process or disclose it to third parties unless permission to do so is expressly given by the individual user or stated in other terms within this website. Statistical information to enable analysis of how this site is used may be collected, but this information will not personally identify any individual. Upon request by email to us we will inform you whether your personal information is stored by us.


Under the GDPR all data submitted to is given in the listings in the Directory and no information is retained in any other form elsewhere.


This website only uses cookies from third party companies, for example Google. In the case of Google this is used to keep track of page usage and does not collect any personal information. In the case of the affiliated marketing links with Google, this means we get paid commission on sales of those products or services. Our content is not influenced by advertisers or affiliate partnerships. We use a 3rd Party to enable these affiliate partnerships. You can read the Google Privacy Policy HERE.

The content on our website is not to be copied without' express written consent.