Galaxy Models

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This shop has permanently closed.

Galaxy Models
316/318 Foxhall Rd

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Open Hours Mon - Sat 9am-5pm
Shop Status:This shop has been reported as permanently closed.
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2 star rating!
Barrie, Ipswich
Wednesday 9th January 2013

I enjoyed going to the shop, if only to window shop. In terms of customer service they were pretty awful. They had no idea how to talk to customers and you never felt welcome. I am not surprised they went out of business, as they customer service was poor and they product range overpriced in a recession.

5 star rating!
Paul, Ipswich
Sunday 30th December 2012

i have bee going to galaxy models for awhile since i was a kid of 7years old and now im 30 plus and i love it. the customer service is great and the staff give the best help there is and get straight to the point thats what we need. yes we do pay a little over price i would liketo pay but you get the best for what you pay and if people moan about this shop they are mad and stuck up and dont know what they talking about. i will rate this shop 10 out 10 for all the years thanks you for all you done


1 star rating!
Peter, Ipswich
Sunday 18th November 2012

Its closed

2 star rating!
John , Ipswich
Saturday 7th July 2012

It's never nice to mock the afflicted but the genuinely rude and unwelcoming senior staff of this shop may want to consider whether their own behavior has contributed to this shop being place into administration in June 2012. The bottom line is this: if I'm going to pay over-the-odds prices for models and accessories simply because the shop is local to me and, in theory, convenient, then the least I expect if a modicum of basic customer service. But having braved this horrifically "local" place twice and experienced the joy of being looked at like I'm a leper for daring to ask if they stocked a particular variety of model paint and then barked at like an imbecile for expecting them to stock (gosh) model railways ("we aint had 'em for TWO YEARS boi") I think I can diagnose the real problem: they genuinely hate customers and fully deserve to go bust. Good riddance Galaxy Models.

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