Podium RC

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Podium RC
11 Henry Close
Battlefield Enterprise Park

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Went on 8/11/17, closed permanently
- Steve - 2017-11-09 21:27:43

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1 star rating!
Dave, London
Thursday 16th January 2014

Podium RC seem to have terrible luck with loosing items in the post!? I ordered some CEN parts and took over a month for them to dispatch, and when they didnt turn up a week later, i was told to check again the following week when i was told they had been lost in the post. They sent half the parts on the order, and told me the rest would be in December time. Ive tried phoning back since then for a refund but their phone line is cut off (surprise), they still have my money and never reply to emails.

These were very rare parts that nowhere else had, hence my persistence with chasing Podium RC for them, otherwise id have asked for a refund straight away when the parts first didnt turn up. You live and learn, and ive learnt never to deal with this company again!

Steer well clear of these guys! Judging by the other reviews it seems to be a commen trend!

1 star rating!
Craig Williams, Belfast
Friday 12th July 2013

I ordered parts 5 weeks ago and still haven't received my order.The part was indicated by their website as in stock in their warehouse and would take just over a week to deliver it.

After a couple of weeks I enquired about my order and was told it would be with me the next week,that was 3 weeks ago.

Since then they have totally ignored my emails and haven't refunded my money.This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in many years of online transactions.

1 star rating!
Roderick James Riddick, Carlisle
Monday 4th March 2013

Well this is my second Review of PODIUM RC OF SHREWBURY,my first review was on the 18/2/2013.Well i made my phone call again and yes they lied to me again,saying that it had been posted ONE HUNDRED PERCENT then when i said i have not received parcel yet which is SUPER CUB 25E LANDING GEAR THEY SAID IT MUST HAVE GOT LOST IN THE POST.

1 star rating!
Roderick James Riddick, Carlisle
Monday 18th February 2013

well i put my order in for a super cub 25e landing gear, which was out of stock which i paid for upfront and weeks went by no parcel, so i phoned them they said we shall get in touch with the firm,they sent me a e-mail to say they will be in stock within two weeks,and that was weeks and weeks ago,so sent a e-mail again had no answer.and they still have my money,so it means another phone-call.

1 star rating!
James, London
Saturday 16th July 2011

Poor service, took over 8 weeks to deliver parts, they then lied to me saying they have been dispatched, parts then got lost in post, then told me they had discontinued!!! Ridiculous, and terrible!

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