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Shop has permanently closed

Unfortunately the shop is now permanently closed - the power of the www strikes again and another local shop bites the dust!
- Jim - 2017-04-13 14:43:09


Well. .... l started buying small balsa wood bundles off Brian when I was about 10 years old and then made small free flight gliders, spending hours even days making the perfect glider only to lose it in a thermal and end it's life high in a tall tree somewhere ! So I moved up to control line 'haaa' with my first PAW 1.49 engine which Brian also recommend at the time, and I never regretted buying the more powerful option from a 09 haha lol. And so now in my very late 40s I shall return once more on my payday, shake his hand, and see If he remembers me, then talk about the past and then.... see how long it takes him to sell me some film covering for my new rc plane! yet to build of course, because he will rethink for me a whole new strategy concerning rc plane building ;-) the ever increasing steps of building aero models from hand launching joy to radio control is as always and a joy, and the life (to and from) a local model shop will always be a memorable chat, even to my daughter when she's old enough to sit and listen haaaaa. All the best to Brian and his never ending Model Centre; -)
- Robin Bond - 2016-06-13 21:34:57


Sorry The shop was closed on friday Peter, Bryan is normally there until 9pm on a friday night but I know he had to close that day. Always worth giving him a call he is closed on thursdays. If he goes away for any period of time his son does pop in now and again and his phone number will be on the door. hope this helps.
- Paul - 2016-09-02 11:10:52

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