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New review for Oxford Model Centre, Oxford

5 star rating! 5 out of 5

Well. .... l started buying small balsa wood bundles off Brian when I was about 10 years old and then made small free flight gliders, spending hours even days making the perfect glider only to lose it in a thermal and end it's life high in a tall tree somewhere ! So I moved up to control line 'haaa'.. More

Robin Bond, Oxford
Submitted: 13/6/2016

New review for The Model Shop, Northwich

5 star rating! 5 out of 5

Great place to shop / browse. It's got a lovely homey feeling to the place, + the old git that runs it is a really nice cheerful chappie only problem i could think of is. i never have enough time to browse all the goods.. More

Stuart, Weaverham
Submitted: 8/5/2016

New review for Westbourne Model Centre, Southbourne

1 star rating! 1 out of 5

BEWARE! do not use this company. I and many others have had money stolen by them. They take payment for online orders through a credit card but have no intention of supplying the goods. Repeated attempts to get the goods you payed for, or a refund are ignored. And as any payment below 100 using a c.. More

Barry , London
Submitted: 16/4/2016