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5 star rating! 5 out of 5

I might not be their typical customer (being a middle-aged woman!) but Wheelspin were very helpful when I wanted to purchase a drone. I do quite a bit of photography, but have no experience whatsoever with Radio Control products.

They were very friendly and helpful, and spent a long ..

Brenda Thomas, Portsmouth
Submitted: 18/3/2015

Marionville Models, Edinburgh

2 star rating! 2 out of 5

I have been in a lot of times over the past ten years I have found over the years the son recardo is very unreasonable, there's one nice guy who probably deserve his own place,so my problem u get cars then can't get parts VERY OVER PRICED ASWELL, modelsportuk is the place to go..

John, Bathgate
Submitted: 6/3/2015

5 star rating! 5 out of 5

Wandered in today for scalpel blades. Bryan behind a huge stack of newly delivered boxes answering speaker phone for an enquiry. Knew exactly where to lay hands on the item being asked about and giving advice over the phone. Annoyed both him and me that we couldn't remember the name of the tool ..

GaryN, Oxford
Submitted: 20/2/2015

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