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New review for Hobby Stores, Reading

5 star rating! 5 out of 5

The guys are very happy to help and it's always a pleasure to spend my money in the shop. Cheers John and Manus Garth..

David Garth , Reading
Submitted: 6/4/2015

New review for Model Technics, Shoeburyness

3 star rating! 3 out of 5

This shop is not a model shop, but a glow fuel supplier and is not always open...

John, Southend
Submitted: 4/4/2015

New review for Westbourne Model Centre, Southbourne

1 star rating! 1 out of 5

No acknowledgement of order,no reply to e mails,quick to take the money from your card.They still haven't delivered, or contacted me,and now I have read lots of other reviews saying the same thing, I have realised I was being conned by a bunch of amateurs who have no intention of delivering my orde..

David Fennell, Sheerness
Submitted: 28/3/2015

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